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Sunday Services:

Every Week- 10am - 11am



In concert with the relaxing of state guidelines, Bishop Skirving has revised both suggestions and requirements on how to apply them as we resume services .  Following is an outline on how we will do so:


¨ Please note that most of our congregation is now fully vaccinated. Masks and gloves are no longer required, but will be available if needed/desired

¨ There is sufficient space available for safe distancing, but it is no longer a requirement.  

¨ The bulletin will no longer contain all of the service and we have resumed the use of the Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal.

¨ Wine is still not a part of the Eucharist and the priest will be masked during Communion.  Communicants do not need to wear masks for Communion. We will still approach the altar 6 feet apart.

¨ Bible study is temporarily suspended.

The Bishop has Zoom conference meetings every  other Tuesday with all the Priests and Wardens in the Diocese and will update us regularly on any loosening of these restrictions.  These are unprecedented times, and everyone is doing the best they can and we appreciate your patience.

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545 E. Main Street

Belhaven, NC 27810

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