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What's Happening?

Upcoming Services:

June 27, Rev. Jim Lupton 10 AM 

July 4, Rev. Jim Lupton 10 AM 

July 11, Rev. Jim Lupton 10 AM 

July 18, Rev. Bob Hudak 10 AM 

July 25, Rev. Ray Souza 10 AM 

Remembering Thomas Wahab


During the month of February, I take time to remember my husband Thomas, whose birthday would be on the 22nd.  As some of you know, Thomas was a fervent proponent of rural healthcare.  Several years ago, I created the Thomas W. Wahab Rural Health Care Fund with the goal of aiding individuals dealing with health issues.  The fund has paid thousands of dollars over the years for medical and dental bills for those in need as well as books for a nursing student.  If you would like to join me in remembering Tom in this way, consider donating to this fund by sending a check to St. James Episcopal Church, 545 E. Main Street, Belhaven, NC 27810.  All gifts will be gratefully received.  Peace & Blessings, Karen Wahab

Celebrating Lyndell Wahab
Lyndell recently celebrated her 100th Birthday!

Our newest, youngest member, Allison Marie, born on September 20, joined us  last week with her mom and dad, Caitlin and Aaron.


Sweet Allison got some love and attention from Lyndell, if not our youngest member (she will celebrate her 100th birthday this month), our youngest at heart member !

St. James News

Notes from the Sr. Warden (addressed to the Congregation) November, 2020

Your Vestry met this week and unanimously voted to change the time of our Sunday services to 10 AM.    It seems to be a very popular idea whose time has come!  We look forward to your feedback.

The Vestry has started the 2021 budget process, which has been daunting when we look at our income for 2020.  While we are  optimistic that we will be able to continue weekly services in 2021 we  will need to make some significant changes.  The most significant change will be asking our members to make offering pledges for next year so that we may better plan.  If we hope to hire a Priest-in-charge we must be able to show the Bishop a sound financial plan, which includes an income in which we are confident.  We will begin a Stewardship campaign during Advent.  Your Vestry has pledged 100% commitment. 

Also, as we all know, because of the virus we have been unable to hold any fundraisers in 2020 which normally net us several thousand dollars.   Although fundraisers such as dinners is out of the question right now, we are hoping to think up some safe, interesting ways we can raise money.  Please let me know if you have any ideas how we can be creative.

We have nominations in place for next year’s Vestry and will vote during the December  Congregational meeting.  They are:

Linda Erickson, Sr. Warden;  Butch Jones AND Carter “Bud” Williams, Jr. Wardens;  Pam Knoblauch, Clerk/Secretary;  Nancy LaBarge and Priscilla Eible.  This is the third year for Linda, Nancy and Priscilla, 1st year for Pam and Carter.  Butch has served so many years as Jr. Warden I can’t remember!  Thanks go out to him for serving again and also to Barbara Pugh who has served as Clerk for 3 years while also serving on the Altar Guild.  You might notice that we now have 6 on the Vestry.  The ‘heavy lifting’ of the Jr. Warden position will now be shared by 2 .  Our hope is that this position can be more of a Project Manager position overseeing the grounds and buildings of the church and will reach out to the congregation for help when needed.   The size of the Vestry is not fixed, so if you are interested in serving just let me know.

In other news...Bishop Skirving has invited everyone to join him in strengthening our lives and faith as we MOVE, GIVE, LEARN and PRAY by walking, running, biking, swimming or paddling through our dioceses. This will start on November 29th and continue for seventy days. The idea is to MOVE through the diocese as we can virtually. St. James is forming a team and we will be keeping track of our miles and reporting back to the Bishop. If you would like to be a part of our team please contact Karen Wahab. (As of December 6th, St. James has 16 participants on our team!)

Peace & Blessings,


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